Formerly part of Unilever France in the Astra-Fralib division, Benedicta is an independent company, who is number 1 in the cold sauces business in France. A key success factor for Benedicta is a strong innovation plan, both in the Marketing business and the Supply Chain (and their corresponding IT supports). As a small company in a challenging environment (facing larger competitors like UNILEVER, LESIEUR-CAMPBELL and private labels competition) Benedicta has always been looking ahead to find the upcoming relevant processes and technologies that would leverage the current efficiency and ability to "survive". Therefore Benedicta has developed a strong knowledge in RFID and EPCglobal, which are both considered to be of strategic importance for the company (Benedicta is, for instance, the first to have implemented an operational ONS root in Europe). Benedicta approach (process oriented), IT experience (Public Key Infrastructures, trusted netwoks, IP environment...) and scalability (small company) makes it was very complementary project partner for BRIDGE.