The Auto-ID Lab ETH Zurich/St. Gallen is a joint project between the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich (a renowned technical institution) and the University St.Gallen (a leading business school).

The main research topics of the ETH Zurich/St.Gallen Lab are the business aspects of the emerging internet of things enabled through RFID and ubiquitous computing technologies. Accordingly, our research is focussed on establishing a safe and secure environment, e.g. by preventing counterfeiting and product piracy, investigation of technology-enabled management of sustainable energy, new business models of behaviour-aware insurance, consumer applications for the internet of things, and the analysis of the business impact of ambient intelligence technologies e.g. in the automotive and retail industry.

The primary contribution of the Auto-ID Lab ETH Zurich/St.Gallen within Bridge is centred on the anti-counterfeiting business application cluster, leveraging existing expertise and previous research activities. The Auto-ID Lab also conducts research concerning the development and extension of a standard architecture for creating a seamless global network, focussing on secure product authentication mechanisms within the network.