Auto-ID Lab at Fudan University is one of seven Auto-ID Labs worldwide which is the leading research efforts in the area of RFID and EPC networks. The Lab has been involved in this area since 2002 when it joined Auto-ID Center project hosted by MIT. Auto-ID Lab at Fudan University is based on the ASIC & System State Key Lab at Fudan, which is the most prestigious research institute in the field of integrated circuit design in China. The Lab mainly focuses on the  R&D of RFID hardware and system, and promoting of RFID application in China. During the last few years, the Lab has successfully developed the proto-type of Gen2 tag chip, SDR based reader SoC, and future store and future warehouse demonstration in China. The research topics includes the low power circuit for RFID tag chip, secure RFID protocol, tag collision and reader collision, semi-passive tag chip, multi-mode wireless terminal architecture, etc. Based on the research works, tens of academic papers have been published.