GS1 China is a specialized authority of organization, coordination and administration of bar code technology and related organizations throughout China. On April 22, 2004, GS1 China set up EPCglobal China to carry out EPC research, registration, standardization and promotion work. GS1 China's main activities include implementing domestic policies on bar code and EPC work; formulating national standards and technical specifications on bar code, EPC and automatic identification technologies; popularizing and arranging technical seminars and trainings on bar code and EPC knowledge; promoting the development of commercial POS system and other bar code application systems; Developing software and hardware related to bar code, EPC and Auto-ID technologies; carrying out the conformance tests for bar code; providing technical consultation, examination and inspection of bar code printing for enterprises; accelerating the implement of EAN•UCC system, EPC in logistic, supply chain management, EDI, etc.