GS1 France, a company jointly-run by manufacturers and retail distributors, is a founding member of GS1. GS1 France was set up to promote dialogue between industry, the retail trade and their partners. The use of GS1 standards optimises e-commerce processes and product traceability. EPCglobal France, the EPC Skills Centre, is a forum for dialogue, enabling member companies to share and enrich their expertise relative to the standard and its implementation. Its objective is to inform and train French companies in different aspects of the standard: coding, networks and radio-frequency labels. This department also provides implementation support. It helps companies acquire know-how that will be of strategic importance for years to come. It sets up services such as the RFID laboratory to help members gain a better understanding if the technology involved. Liaison with the international EPC body is also vital, since it provides the opportunity for French companies to express their needs and requirements.