Technical University of Catalonia (UPC ? Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)

The Technical University of Catalonia is one of the leading technical universities in Europe. It enrols more than 30.000 students and a faculty of over 2.600 professors and lecturers. In the context of the BRIDGE project, the UPC will participate through the Ambient Intelligent Lab (AIL) and a part of the Signal Theory and Communications Department ( The AIL has many years experience in RFID, Wireless Sensor Networks, ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence technologies in general. The department has an advanced antenna design group and many radio frequency design, fabrication and testing facilities. The group belongs to the Antenna Centre of Excellence (ACE) network, and it has received several international awards, such as the 1998 European Information Technology Grand Prize for its work in fractal antennas. Some of the other lines of research of the department are remote sensing, MEMs (Micro Electromechanical IC's), and digital communications.